Patient Reviews

Amanda- De Pere, WI

*"Dr. Hansen is very personable, not only does he remember your name, but also events in your life. He cares not only about your health, but also about you as a person, your not just a patient, you’re also a friend!"

Amy, Appleton, WI

*"Prior to visiting Back in Action Chiropractic Center I was seeing a chiropractor that was not helping. He was just relieving the pain. I met Dr Hansen and he explained to me how to eliminate the pain.

I met Dr. Hansen at the Woman’s Expo in Green Bay. He did a quick scan and wanted to help me get healthy, and not just pain relief"

Eric M., Green Bay, WI

*"I highly recommend Dr. Steve Hansen for chiropractic care and professional guidance in getting the outmost positive results from lifestyle choices. My experience with Back in Action Chiropractic has been one of results, comfort, insight, and joy. I firmly believe that chiropractic care can alleviate and/or eliminate potential health issues before they become manifest. Dr. Hansen proves that chiropractic care is a fine companion for traditional medicine, if not a means to reduce frequency of having to seek out other medical care. I am confident anyone who chooses Dr. Hansen for chiropractic care will realize the benefit of investing in his ability."

Kristin K, Green Bay, WI

*"Since getting care by Dr. Hansen, I have only had TWO migraines in a six month period! I used to have at least 12 if not more in that amount of time! That to me is amazing, and puts Dr. Hansen as one of my favorite people- what he has done for me is 6 months, my neurologist hasn’t been able to do in 19 years!"

Tricia- Green Bay WI

*"Dr Hansen is the most compassionate, patient, reliable Doctor. What he says, he does. He listens to me with care and concern. I am never brushed off and sent home with a prescription with directions to "just deal with it"."

Jen D.

*"​Before I came to see Dr. Hansen I was in so much back pain I could barely walk. He took the time to understand what was going on and gave me a thorough exam. The treatments that I have been receiving have alleviated almost all of the pain so far and my back feels strong. My headaches have all but disappeared. The staff is amazingly friendly and accommodating. Dr. Hansen himself is personable and he makes you laugh! I look forward to coming to the office several times a week. Hands down the best chiropractic care I’ve ever received!"


*"Dr.Hansen and his lovely team are amazing ! As a chronic sufferer of migranes I felt like I was out of options I had tried medication which helped but I didn't want to feel like I had to rely on medication. I looked into a chiropractor. I like many people started looking at reviews to see who I should go to. As I was going through this process I stumbled upon back in action . I am so happy I did my migraines have decreased in frequency . The staff is great and super friendly always willing to help out ! I would recommend to anyone ! Thanks for being awesome."

Angela H.

*"Great place to come for back and neck issues. Also, they provide nutrition testing that analyzes your body for underlying causes and provide natural remedies to improve your health! Dr.Hansen and Ashlynn are great and passionate about helping you!"

Rebecca A.

*"I had severe lower back pain after falling off a ladder. For months I couldn't sit or even put shoes on without wincing in pain. Both my doctor and local chiropractor could not offer any relief. My sister referred me to Dr. Hansen, after only a few appointments I could feel a vast improvement. I am confident that I will be pain-free again soon."

Ryan J.

*"Been going for about 4 weeks and Dr Hansen has me back on me feet and feeling great.He and his staff are top notch friendly and helpful I would recommend them to anyone."

Katie S.

*"I’ve been going to Dr Hansen three times a week for about a month for migraines. He’s been such a relief and working magic. My migraines have been less frequent and not as painful. Him and his staff have been absolutely great! All are super friendly and are always making time to fit me in to the schedule. Definitely recommend him!"

Morgan C.

*"Great staff and great care! Wonderful at educating you on what’s going on and what part of the process you’re in and why!"

Deborah B.

*"I went to Dr Hansen in extreme pain! It was worse than my double knee replacements of 13 years before. Dr Hansen was recommended by my sister and my friend, both are very satisfied longtime patients. I had been dealing with a pinched nerve for over a month. My shoulder blade hurt and the pain ran down my left arm and also numbed two fingers. It has only been a few weeks and my painis almost gone. In fact, I was able to get some relief after the first adjustment. Dr Hansen is very thorough and would not do an adjustment on me until after he did several tests and X-rays. While that wasn’t what I wanted to hear that day, I gained even more respect for Dr Hansen because of it. He wanted to make sure he could help me without doing more harm. He started adjustments the very next day. Dr Hansen has helped me tremendously! I am able to sleep again and function without pain."

Jade R.

*"Dr. Hansen and his team are amazing! I’ve seen a significant improvement of my symptoms which I am very thankful for. Great communication, thorough, prompt service, and friendly staff."

Tanner V.

*"I'll be honest, I was highly skeptical of going into another chiropractic office. My past experience was not at all pleasant and only a waste of money. I have suffered from lower back pain for many years now and nothing has helped. Doctors of all sorts have called me crazy and have told me that nothing was wrong. Dr. Hansen was different. He listened and examined me with great care, and most importantly, he wasn't a fraud. The months I was in his care I felt so much better. I could bend down without feeling pain in my lower back. I felt confident again. If you're looking for a doctor who isn't a fraud, genuinely cares about the health of his patients and wants to get you #BackInAction, then I highly recommend seeing Dr. Hansen sooner than later."

Jake M.

*"I have had lower back problems since high school. I started seeing Dr. Hansen and his team 2 years ago and it has helped tremendously. My favorite thing about him is his "wholistic" approach to Chiropractic care. I've had a few Chiropractors in my life and I thought they were all the same -- go in, crack the back, and leave. But Dr. Hansen is different. Every visit he takes the time to check how your whole body is doing -- legs, back, neck, hips, feet, etc. He's not interested in the assembly-line "crack and get out" approach. He wants you to feel better -- all of you. I can wholeheartedly recommend Back in Action to anyone who takes their health seriously. You won't regret seeing Dr. Hansen!"

Derek Z.

*"I've been to a chiropractor before...they checked my posture, cracked my back, and that was it. Seeing Dr. Hansen was a complete 360 from that! He is extremely thorough - going through x-rays, doing many strength tests to see where nerves may be pinched, it's incredible! I've been receiving are for a month now and I feel amazing! I used to get headaches 2-3 times a week, I haven't had one in an entire month since I've been receiving care! My constant back pain is going away, I have full strength in all extremities again, I just overall feel so much better! I would recommend Dr. Hansen to anyone!"

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