Sports Injury

Sadly, the risk of suffering a personal injury is always a possibility with any sports activity.

It is important to seek out a highly skilled professional, like a chiropractor, to diagnose and treat your sports injuries.

Sports injuries ​may occur from lack of proper warm up exercises, stretching techniques, poor posture, or undetected spine and joint problems. Other factors may also include poor conditioning, and worn out or inadequate equipment. Men and women of all ages are likely to suffer from sports injuries.

Golfers and tennis players ​are more likely to suffer from Repetitive Stress Injury than other athletes. This is the continued use of an injured area, and may prolong the healing process and may also result in a chronic injury.

Traumatic Injuries ​are common to the back and neck areas of the body along with the extremities such as ankles, knees, wrists, elbows and shoulders. Injuries can range from a pulled muscle to a sprain or strain.

An athlete's performance​ is enhanced by early detection and prompt treatment of an injury by working with coaches, trainers, and other sports medicine professionals to accurately detect, diagnose and treat an injury.

Sports injuries - ​restrict joint movement, lead to muscle weakness, cause reduced range of motion, result in overall lack of function and decreased performance.

If left untreated sports injuries can affect a patient's active lifestyle and limit a favorite activity.

Appropriate evaluation and treatment are vital to complete recovery - failing to receive the proper diagnosis and treatment may prolong the healing process.

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